Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Hachiii…aduh tubuhku mulaimenurun kondisinya atau memang tubuhku sedang mengeluarkan semilyar virusnya. Alhamdulillah..bersin.

A Mad Between Me And U…

Hmmm this day many task awaiting for me..and I fell headache, little..strees..and so on..

Beside of that ..I’m feel angry and confused with someone or I think many “someone” in somewhere outer world, that make a secret between us that I can tell it’s not an important thing to make a gap between u and the outer side of world that waiting for u’r struggle, u’r love, u’r hand giveness that make a shiner world, a brighter mind, or a warmness. Just get mad with u or just I get a punch with my self because of that not a significant change I made until this time. Give the guilty to the system, or change to enter the system..I think we must started from the self..but to doing this we must clean our heart and introspection..And it’s hard for me really..